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WM Prototyp

x,xxx sec.

World Finals




1,070 sec.

German Championship 2021

Auto RM final.png

Regional Championship 2020

1,161 sec.

Auto DM final.png

German Championship 2020

1,086 sec.


Regional Championship 2021

1,175 sec.

The Car

        55 gram heavy
       Approx. 20 cm long
       Race track: 20 meters long
       Propulsion: gas cartridge
       Maximum speed: about 70 km/h
       Driving time: about 1 second
       Manufactured with 3D printing/CNC milling

As in Formula 1, there are many regulations and restrictions regarding the design, which we carry out with the help of modern CAD industrial software. As a result, we try to develop and produce the fastest possible car in cooperation with our partners using several simulations, physical calculations and real tests on the race track.

The Key Factors of Construction

        Keep mass as low as possible (specified minimum weight)
        Minimize friction losses (e.g. by PTFE coating of wheels and guide lugs)
        Increase driving stability
        Optimize aerodynamics (reduce air resistance)

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