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STEM is a collective designation for teaching and studying subjects and professions in the fields of mathematics, computer science (engineering), (natural) science, and technology. For us, the STEM subjects are of crucial importance because these subjects are very future-oriented. In combination with the competition, we can gain initial experience which is essential for our professional future.
Through the competition and the cooperation with our sponsors, we have gained insights into future professional life, in which the STEM subjects will play an important role.

To get younger girls and boys interested in the F1 in Schools competition, in Team Cubic Racing, and in technology, we developed a STEM concept. In video conferences held in eighth, ninth and tenth grade science classes, we reported on the team, the tasks, the process, and structure of the
competition. Here we exhibited how much we enjoy working as a team and, above all, how
important the work with our partners and sponsors is for our future. In order to lead the team
sustainably for the next years, it is very important for us to fascinate younger students for the project and the team. In order to present the team well outside the school, the local press has
reported about our team and F1 in Schools several times. Furthermore, interested parties can find
more information about our team on social media, for example on our Instagram profile or our

All sponsors of the German Championship 2021 received a STEM Education Partner Certificate, which was awarded in cooperation with our school. At our sponsor afternoon we had the opportunity to present the certificates in person.


innovition is the interplay of innovation and tradition, according to the slogan " out from here into the world" and represents our work and values. In doing so, we want to combine native and traditional values with innovative working methods and thus achieve global success. We associate tradition with the transmission and living out of our native values, as well as the natural image of our homeland, the Black Forest. We connect innovation with the reworking of outdated and old ideas, inspired by global and modern models, through which we can make our home and work more innovative. innovition consists of this overarching understanding, but is also based on three other pillars, which contribute the concrete content: the "Club of Rome" and our "Win4 Concept". Thereby innovition can be found in all working areas. In management and marketing, the traditional, cordial values are reflected, especially in our dealings with our sponsors, but also among ourselves. In construction, but also in graphic design, on the other hand, the work is based on innovative models, methods and approaches.


In search for a concept which extracts even more added value from our work for us on one hand, but also for our stakeholders on the other hand, we have created "Win⁴ – 4 the win". This is a project that allows a total of four stakeholder groups to benefit in the project F1 in Schools and is characterized by new ideas and concepts. Our sponsors, our school, and the following Junior Team deserve to benefit from our work in the long term and to be rewarded for their commitment and interest. We ourselves also pursue the goal of learning even more from the invested time and work and to gain experience for our future. With simple ideas for a better utilization of the STEM idea or the consideration of the sustainability aspect, that our project can be continued purposefully and successfully, we should succeed in making F1 more attractive at school. Win⁴ makes the F1 project a national flagship.

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