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The "Cubic Racing AR"-App

From the beginning, we asked ourselves how we could do effective public relations work in times of Covid-19, paired with interaction with our content for the best possible marketing strategy. After intensive communication with our partner, Imsimity GmbH, we developed the Cubic Racing AR App. This includes the function to call up videos through scannable images in our portfolios to make our portfolio more in-depth, informative, and lively. Furthermore, we could fulfill our dream to make our car virtually drivable. Almost like in a game you can drive our car on your kitchen table, using the latest AR technology. You can change tires and build your own course by competing with friends for the best time.

Download here

With the download I accept the  terms of use

the app is only applicable on Android devices

Scan these Images to Get Exclusive Information About Our Car DACUTUS21 and Other Prototypes



Prototype 1


Prototype 2


Prototype 3


Scan the White Cube and Drive A Few Rounds With the DACATUS21

DM-04_Cubic Racing_PF-Unternehmen.jpg
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