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The Team

We are the people behind the name Cubic Racing.
Our team was founded in the Black Forest and is already being run by the second generation of motivated students. We are all united by the passion to develop, market, and advance things. In order to achieve optimal results and to be successful worldwide, even beyond our national borders, we developed a clear distribution of tasks with clear structures and areas of responsibility. The team spirit and the team cohesion are particularly promoted by the joint activities beside the project and enable a great collaborative workflow. In the following you can get to know us and our working areas.



My name is Noah Schneider and I am the manager of the project. In collaboration with Luca I also work in the area of developing our car. My main topics as a manager are characterized by the organization, the strategical orientation and the control of the project. My daily tasks are in the field of time planning, goal setting and risk assessment. All results from the areas of design, development, marketing and resource management are evaluated and reviewed by a specially conceptualized agile project management. The project is a complete success, as working together with people who share the same goals is incredibly motivating and inspiring.

Marketing & Graphic Design

My name is Cora Dietz, I am the graphic designer of the team and responsible for marketing. My job is to work out and then design the CI and our representation in all forms. Thereby I am responsible for the design of our work and submissions, but also for the representation in the social media and on the web. I also take care of the extensive marketing of the team. This includes on the one hand the new acquisition and contact maintenance of our sponsors, but also the planning and management of the financial budget.


Design Engineering

K größer.png

My name is Luca Granata and I am responsible for the technical area in the Team Cubic Racing. The area of research and development is performed by me together with Noah. We develop the technical concepts behind the car. Based on these concepts, I as a designer construct the 3D model of our car with modern CAD industrial software. A concept consisting of various test procedures such as flow simulations, wind tunnel tests and tests and sensor measurements on the race track is also developed and carried out by us. Evaluating the results and further development is also part of our job.

Furthermore, all partners involved in the development and production of the car are supervised by me. The continuous communication about the technical feasibility and the selection of the used manufacturing processes is another part of my work in the project.

Awards and Achievements

Qualification for World Finals


German Champion 2021

-Best Engineered Car
-Best Engineering Portfolio
-Best Verbal Presentation

Vice-Regional Champion Ba-Wü 2021

-Best Engineered Car
-Best Pit Display


Regional Champion Ba-Wü 2020

-Best Engineered Car
-Best Pit Display
-Best Verbal Presentation
-Fastest Car

German Championship 2020

-8th place

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